Contaminated Ground Meter Boxes

  • Meter Box and guard tube with isolating valve and meter carrier incorporated into a BS EN 1982 CC491K gunmetal fitting
  • Compatible with 1.1/2" concentric meter interfaces to BS EN ISO 4064-4
  • Manifold is also available separately for wall-mounting
  • The cost-effective Meterfit™ can be used where ground contamination has taken place
  • Quarter turn isolating valve with BS 6920 ball seals
  • Grip-fit polypropylene base for simple guard tube removal with rigid tube
  • Dust/kemetal cap
  • 200mm dia. PVC guard tube
  • Conforms to WIS 4-37-01

Meterfit™ GM Meter Box - Female Iron

Features 3/4" BSP female inlet and outlet and accepts more pipe materials when used with adaptors.

3/4" BSP x 3/4" BSP 500mm Rigid
3/4" BSP x 3/4" BSP 800mm Rigid
3/4" BSP x 3/4" BSP 250-450mm Telescopic
3/4" BSP x 3/4" BSP 450-750mm Telescopic

Swivel Ferrules

Acetal pushfit ferrules, gunmetal pushfit ferrules, female iron ferrules, compression ferrules, and screwdown ferrules.

Blank Saddle Straps

Blank saddle straps for PVC, DI, and AC pipe.

BSP Threaded Compression Fittings

Selection of BSP threaded and compression fittings.