Ancillary Products for Metering

  • Waterfit offers a number of ancillary products for use with our metering range

Meter Raisers

• Raises meter by 150mm
• Precision made from robust WRAS approved acetal material conforming to BS 6920
• Innovative Balanced Flo™ design minimises headloss
• Retained inner manifold seal helps ensure correct installation with no un-metered water
• Available with raised manifold quarter turn key suitable for use with Meterfit™ Meter Chambers
• Compatible with 1.1/2" concentric meter interfaces to BS EN ISO 4064-4

1.1/2" Concentric Meter

Concentric Water Meters

A 1.1/2" concentric water meter is available from Waterfit.

Chambers can be ordered with water meters supplied separately or preinstalled in the manifold.

For more information please see ARAD's website.

1.1/2" Concentric Meter

Guard Tubes

Waterfit currently offer two standard fixed length tube options of 500mm and 800mm made from 100% recycled uPVC.

A telescopic tube option is also available. With its innovative and cost effective patented design, it offers a standard range of 450-750mm and a shallow range of 250-450mm.

Rigid 500mm
Rigid 800mm
Telescopic 250-450mm
Telescopic 450-750mm

Non-Return Valves (NRV)

NRV's come supplied as standard in all Waterfit's metering product range, however they are also available individually.

7/8" x 11TPI Whit Form for 1.1/2" Concentric Meter

1.1/2" Pressure Caps

As well as the standard full flow pressure caps, Waterfit also supply tickle flow and no flow caps to restrict water supply through a 1.1/2" concentric meter fitting area.

Acetal parts conform to BS 6920 while DZR parts are CW602N conforming to BS EN 12164.

1.1/2" BSP Full Flow (Acetal) Blue
1.1/2" BSP Full Flow (DZR) Bronze
1.1/2" BSP Trickle Flow Black
1.1/2" BSP No FlowGrey

Frost Plugs

Frost plug are used in guard tubes to reduce the risk of freezing the meter carrier.

173mm x 25mm
195mm x 25mm

Caps for NRV Recess

For complete restriction of the water supply the NRV can be replaced with a blanking cap.

CW602N DZR conforming to BS EN 12164.

3/4" (7/8" x 11TPI Whit Form)

NRV and Cap Removal Keys

Double ended keys can be provided for removal of the NRV and pressure cap.

30mm Hex x 27mm Hex

Flexifit® Boundary Box

Flexifit® Boundary Box.

Non-Contaminated Boundary Box

Meterfit™ boundary box for use in non-contaminated ground.

Multiport Manifolds

4 port, 6 port, and custom multiport manifolds.

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