Gunmetal Product Range

Gunmetal is a proven water industry material that:

  • Has high strength characteristics
  • Is virtually immune to corrosion and ideal for use in contaminated ground
  • Is resistant to dezincification
  • Has a high resilience to distortion
  • Conforms to BS EN 1982 CC491K (was BS 1400 LG2)


Multifit™ ferrule straps for PE, PVC, and AC pipe.

Swivel Ferrules

Acetal pushfit ferrules, gunmetal pushfit ferrules, female iron ferrules, compression ferrules, and screwdown ferrules.

Self-Tapping Ferrule Straps

Ferrule straps for PE, PVC, and AC pipe.

Blank Saddle Straps

Blank saddle straps for PVC, DI, and AC pipe.

Meter Carriers

Female iron, stopcock carriers, and copper.

Multiport Manifolds

4 port, 6 port, and custom multiport manifolds.

BS5433 Stopcocks

Stopcocks with female iron, acetal pushfit, gunmetal pushfit, and compression outlets.

Spherical Valves

Complete gunmetal spherical valves with pushfit outlets.

BSP Threaded Compression Fittings

Selection of BSP threaded and compression fittings.

GM Ancillary Products

Ancillary products for use with gunmetal products.