Metering Product Range

When domestic water meters need to be installed underground, Waterfit's Boundary Boxes provide the perfect solution.

  • Fully assembled and 100% pressure tested at our factory
  • Contaminated and non-contaminated options available
  • Range of top hats available providing tilt adjustment for lids
  • Plastic (Grade C) and cast iron (Grade B) lids and frames available
  • Rigid and telescopic tube options

Flexifit® Boundary Box

Flexifit® Boundary Box.

Non-Contaminated Boundary Box

Meterfit™ boundary box for use in non-contaminated ground.

Contaminated Boundary Box

Gunmetal Meterfit™ boundary box for use in contaminated ground.

Surface Boxes and Top Hats

Surface boxes for use with Meterfit™ chambers including Thomas Dudley cast iron surface box.

Meter Carriers

Female iron, stopcock carriers, and copper.

Multiport Manifolds

4 port, 6 port, and custom multiport manifolds.

Metering Ancillary Products

Ancillary products for use with metering products.