Contaminated Ground Boundary Boxes

  • Boundary Box and guard tube with isolating valve and meter carrier incorporated into a BS EN 1982 CC491K gunmetal fitting
  • Compatible with 1.1/2" concentric meter interfaces to BS EN ISO 4064-4
  • Manifold is also available separately for wall-mounting
  • The cost-effective Meterfit™ can be used where ground contamination has taken place
  • Quarter turn isolating valve with BS 6920 ball seals
  • Grip-fit polypropylene base for simple guard tube removal with rigid tube
  • Dust/kemetal cap
  • 200mm dia. PVC guard tube
  • Conforms to WIS 4-37-01

Meterfit™ GM Boundary Box - Female Iron

Features 3/4" BSP female inlet and outlet and accepts more pipe materials when used with adaptors.

3/4" BSP x 3/4" BSP 500mm Rigid
3/4" BSP x 3/4" BSP 800mm Rigid
3/4" BSP x 3/4" BSP 250-450mm Telescopic
3/4" BSP x 3/4" BSP 450-750mm Telescopic

Surface Boxes and Top Hats

Surface boxes for use with Meterfit™ chambers including Thomas Dudley cast iron surface box.

Metering Ancillary Products

Ancillary products for use with metering products.

Flexifit® Boundary Box

Flexifit® Boundary Box.