Spherical Valves

  • Use a quarter turn ball mechanism to enable the mains supply to be turned off in the event of an emergency or when plumbing repairs or upgrades need to be undertaken
  • Designed and manufactured for use above and below ground
  • Proven, robust design with BS EN 1982 CC491K gunmetal construction allows for a long working life in the harshest of environments
  • Resistant to dezincification and can be installed with confidence even in contaminated ground
  • Conform to WIS 4-23-04

Gunmetal Pushfit Spherical Valves

The pushfit inlet and outlet joints accept MDPE pipes and with an all gunmetal design offers extra assurance that they will be long lasting.

Working pressure 16bar.

25mm x 25mm
3/4" x 25mm
32mm x 32mm

BS5433 Stopcocks

Stopcocks with female iron, acetal pushfit, gunmetal pushfit, and compression outlets.

Meter Carriers

Female iron, stopcock carriers, and copper.

Multiport Manifolds

4 port, 6 port, and custom multiport manifolds.